Remember the hit 2019 sensation, Love Alarm?!! Starring the dashing Song Kang, the ever so sweet So-Hyun, and of course the lovely Ga-ram.

The unique plot of knowing who loves you under a 10-meter radius through an app made this show such a hit that it was ranked as one of Netflix’s best releases. So guess what thanks to its immense popularity Love Alarm was granted a season 2.

Season 2 will start airing on March 12, 2021, on Netflix at 2:00 am PT or 3:00 am ET. Based on a webtoon of the same name, it was the first Korean drama picked up by Netflix and since then it has been raining Kdramas out there!

The genre being a romance, we did get to see some typical elements like love triangles and jealous women but with no clear endgame. It is up to season 2 to bring us the much-awaited continuation of this technical love story! reasons to watch the second season.

Love alarm season 2 review

Who Does Jojo Choose?

Season 1 ended with a massive cliffhanger almost killing all viewers! So of course the biggest reason to watch Love Alarm Season 2 is to get answers. Who does Jojo choose?

First love, Sun-Ho or childhood friend Hye?

Season 2 Overview

In this world of increasing dependence on technology, Love Alarm goes a step further and opens up one’s deepest emotions to everyone! Love is now digitalized, due to this wonderful app created by an unknown person which allows one to know if anyone under a 10-meter radius loves them.

This seemingly perfect way of finding a soulmate turns out to be quite the opposite. Jo-jo, the female lead finds herself embroiled in a love triangle and also a target for hatred since the hot model Sun-Ho falls for her.

Being able to know who has feelings for you seems to be a great way to advance your love story but this show tells otherwise. Just because you have feelings for someone doesn’t mean they will reciprocate nor if they do will it guarantee a happily ever after future. This is learned the hard way by the cast.

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So much so that a feature of shielding one’s emotions on the app that was a benefit reserved for himself was passed by him to Jo so she doesn’t suffer like him. The initial popularity of this app now is hit with antis rising up and demanding it to be removed due to the severe repercussions, including suicides of those whose love was not reciprocated or were not loved at all.

Time skip to 4 years later in the light of these events, the apps updated version is announced with the feature of letting one know who may fall in love with you over a period of time! If this wasn’t crazy enough we get the biggest cliffhanger ever with Jo-jo being near both Sun and Hye, the alarm showing 2 people who love her. Who does she choose??

We should expect Jo to make a clear decision in episode 1 itself and most likely in favour of Hye? Since that’s what the original webtoon suggests but the drama may just switch things up. It will also be wise to expect the usual emotions in control guy Hye to fight it out with Song if necessary in season 2 since he’s made it clear now that he likes Jo.

Whatever it is viewers should better get ready for another heart-wrenching ride because it seems the author, as well as the writers, are ready to play with our emotions! So catch Love Alarm Season 2, Episode 1 on Netflix to find out if the painful second lead syndrome will still continue or not.

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You can stream the second season for the show online on Netflix.